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Self Love

Empowered support group

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And self love should most definitely be included in that. Be your own Valentine. Join us for six sessions to gain support and tools related to owning your true, authentic self and falling in love with who you are.

Now entering the Hallmark season of love.


$50 per sesion

5pm ET, virtually


six weeks
2/15/24 to 3/21/24


18 to 24 years old

This group is for...

The Details

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Learn a new set of coping mechanisms to feel empowered in recovery.

Developing New Coping Skills

Connect with peers who understand your journey and are here to support you in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Building Community and Support

Gain insight and strategies for dealing with difficult and/or stressful family interactions.

Processing Family Dynamics

Life is full of them! Equip yourself with tools to handle triggers to your eating disorder recovery.

Navigating Triggers

here's what we'll cover:

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